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Transforming Through Beauty

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Transforming Through Beauty

Hair holds  energy, emotion, trauma, thoughts and history.  Transforming this energy, under the guidance of Harmony's healing energy, one can liberate the energies into new beginnings.  Letting go of anything that no longer serves the greatest and highest good for yourself and all beings.

By setting powerful intentions, your haircut will be working on multiple levels to heal and transform any negative feelings, emotions and transmute them into positive new beginnings. 

Harmony will also be using sound healing, tuning forks, crystal healing, infrared healing devices, ionic foot baths, DoTerra essential oils, tarot cards and more.

With over 20+ years of experience working with the elite between LA/ NYC and global destinations.  Her training began on 62nd and Madison in NYC.  She began her high fashion path with Prive Salon beginning her bi-costal career for many years until her life took a turn with a life threatening health condition which uprooted her life to SE Asia to find herself, the path of Self-Realization began. 

For more information on all services offered or to book your haircut, please visit the Sacred Haircuts page, email me at or call 630-780-0053S to schedule your time today.

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Coming Soon

Due to release in 2019

Harmony will be releasing her next album in 2019. She is working side by side with master sound engineer Hans Christian as she opens her world of music. Offering sacred sounds, English lyrics, heart touching sounds that will make you feel the freedom inside.

Stay tuned for sneak peeks and special offers to come.

Blessings Of Your Grace/ Sat Siri Remix

Available Now

Services Provided by Harmony

Call 630-780-0053 to book schedule your Sacred Haircut

Call 630-780-0053 to book schedule your Sacred Haircut

  • Experience your Sacred Haircut Starting at $125 experience with Harmony in her private healing space in Naperville, IL.

  • Women’s Sacred Haircut + Ionic Foot Bath/ Sound Healing $175

  • Mens Sacred Haircuts $50

  • Children’s Sacred Haircuts $50

  • Ionic Foot Bath~. Using low frequency energies to draw toxins and impurities out through the feet. Single session $35 double session $75. Discover more

  • Referral Special happening now at Sacred Haircuts studio. Refer a family member or friend for a Sacred Haircut and receive a $25 credit toward your next service.

  • One-On-One Transformational Work~ Starting at $125~ Working with unconscious programming, uncovering root causes of suffering, dynamics, taking responsibility which allows you to feel more joy and peace in your life.

  • June 23, 2019 Summer SoulShine Festival.

  • Kirtan session. A journey into Mantra. Guided to open your voice, prayer, dance and connection. Find her album Blessings Of Your Grace today.

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 Illuminating Unconscious Patterns/ Breaking Through/ Taking Responsibility/ Self Empowerment Transformational Work

Happy Client

Each session is a individual journey into transformation and healing.  We will be working on deep unconscious patterns and breaking through so each person feels more joy and peace in their lives.  One-on-one sessions give time to individually track and identify the source of the suffering.  

Harmony uses different techniques she learned in India to help guide each person to their desired destination.  She may prescribe a "sadhana" practice for some to to help realign your soul to it's truth and destiny.  

Saying YES to your evolution is the first step toward self empowerment and growth

For more information, packages please visit or email or call +1-630-780-0053

Kirtan / MANTRA

Mantra is a cosmic sound frequency

By using the power of the Sanskrit language with the deep understanding of it's pronunciation and sound posture, one can enter into the cosmic realms of the complete unknown and into a elevated state of their own higher consciousness.  

One can enter into these spaces even through the power of intention and even by humming the sounds.  By coming together in prayer  as a group, Kirtan, one will be lifted and elevated into a higher frequency.  This is the sacred medicine of singing Mantras, song, and prayer.

Harmony has a very unique way of guiding the space and surrendering to the energies of the Mantras.  Through her 8 years of experience, she has tested and stretched her capacity in which gives her the direct wisdom she carries.  Not only is her voice angelic and powerful, what is flowing and working through her is profound.

Harmony speaks candidly about her path as a Kirtan singer

Where life hasn't always been a bed of roses

Harmony shares candidly about her path from LA/ Bali/ India.  Where life has not always been a bed of roses, Harmony shares her struggles of being scammed in Indonesia with her company, music, transformation and self realization 

What is this deep profound love? 

Blessings Of Your Grace/ Sat Siri Remix

Available Now

In pure love and bliss

Bhakti Yoga/ Kirtan

is a direct access to LOVE

Singing is a universal language.  People from all over the world can sit in the space of Kirtan and once the singing has begun, the prayers and intentions are set, the sacred Divine portal of Love opens.  

People from all different walks of life, now are able to communicate through the center of their own heart, in truth and love. Where once, there may have been separation, now a field of oneness has been created.  

When this is experienced, the realization that the universe is love, is ever present.  This shows that love is universal.  It cannot be controlled.  It cannot be possessed. It does not belong to a country, religion, path.  It is creation.

Research proves

Full Moon Kirtan

Music has been scientifically been proven to reduce stress, release oxytocin, helps with self confidence, increases the bodies vital life force, heal the body of dis-ease, ease the mind, open the heart, connect the heart to the Divine nature, exercises the lungs, helps sleeping, and strengthens the immune system.

Singing is a universal language

There could be many different nationalities sitting in one room and once the song/ Mantra has begun, one forgets about the language barrier and becomes a unified field of oneness.  Love imminates through the heart, sound fills the body, mind and soul and we become beacons of light.  

This is where transformation occurs, healing happens, love flowers the heart and we raise our frequencies into higher states of consciousness.

Enter into the sonic sound realms

with Harmony


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