Enter into this new reality.

A reality where all dreams are possible, where inner joy resides.

This place where angelic voices sing, creativity resides and transformation is possible.

Here you will find a piece of your heart and soul.

This place IS within each one of us.

Sacred Haircuts

Where chic style meets the path of self discovery

Naperville, IL

With over 20+ years expert experience and 10 years of living in SE Asia studying with enlightened masters, Harmony offers a unique service she calls Sacred Haircuts. This is not just a “haircut”, it is a experience.

To learn more, prices and services provided please visit: http://www.harmonypolo.com/sacred-haircuts/

Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SacredHealingHaircuts to read more on services, testimonial of healing, transformation and more.


Spiritual Coaching


Harmonious Connection

My mission at Harmonious Connection is to empower you to heighten your sense of awareness about how to love yourself more by upleveling the harmonious connection of your body, mind, heart and spirit.

The values of Harmonious connection are transformation, empowerment, connection, integrity and compassion

By committing to your growth and healing, you commit to yourself and this is a great step towards empowerment. You will gain connection to your heart, learn to set boundaries, kick some habits and much more. This space is designed for you, meeting you where you’re at and working from this space.


Check out the latest testimonials of current clients that have had profound shifts in their lives

New Album Coming Soon

Heart of creation

Harmony will be releasing her next album, Heart Of Creation, in 2019. She is working side by side with master sound engineer Hans Christian https://www.hanschristianmusic.com as she opens her world of music. Offering sacred sounds, English lyrics, heart touching sounds that will make you feel the freedom inside.

Harmony is aiming for a fall release of Heart Of Creation


Blessings Of Your Grace/ Sat Siri Remix

Available Now

You can find Harmony’s first album, produced by Maneesh de Moor, Blessings Of Your Grace on ITunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, CDBaby and many more places for your streaming convenience.

Kirtan / MANTRA

Mantra is a cosmic sound frequency


By using the power of the Sanskrit language with the deep understanding of it's pronunciation and sound posture, one can enter into the cosmic realms of the complete unknown and into a elevated state of their own higher consciousness.  

One can enter into these spaces even through the power of intention and even by humming the sounds.  By coming together in prayer  as a group, Kirtan, one will be lifted and elevated into a higher frequency.  This is the sacred medicine of singing Mantras, song, and prayer.

Harmony has a very unique way of guiding the space and surrendering to the energies of the Mantras.  Through her 8 years of experience, she has tested and stretched her capacity in which gives her the direct wisdom she carries.  Not only is her voice angelic and powerful, what is flowing and working through her is profound.

Harmony speaks candidly about her path as a Kirtan singer

Where life hasn't always been a bed of roses

Harmony shares candidly about her path from LA/ Bali/ India.  Where life has not always been a bed of roses, Harmony shares her struggles of being scammed in Indonesia with her company, music, transformation and self realization 

What is this deep profound love? 

“I do not sing the song, I let the song sing through me”

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