Please enjoy this free mantra. 

May it bring you joy and upliftment in times of sorrow or stress. 

Mantra is a powerful way of literally vibrating ourselves back into balance, into homeostasis.

A little bit about mantra technology....

Chanting works by activating the pituitary and pineal glads through the specific sound currents. The tong hits certain meridian points in your mount which send electrical impulses to the inner brain organs (pineal and pituitary) and when they receive this electrical impulse, it releases hormones and chemicals that activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the system of the body that aids us in feeling calm, centered, grounded, connected to a higher source. 

If you are new to mantra, please explore the variety of chants out there and see what resonates within your being. If you are experienced with mantra, chant, chant, chant away and dive into the dive!