One on One transformational work

 Illuminating Unconscious Patterns/ Breaking Through/ Taking Responsibility/ Self Empowerment Transformational Work

Each session is a individual journey into transformation and healing.  We will be working on deep unconscious patterns and breaking through so each person feels more joy and peace in their lives.  One-on-one sessions give time to individually track and identify the source of the suffering.  

Harmony uses different techniques, she learned in India, to help guide each person to their desired destination.  She may prescribe a "sadhana" practice for some to to help realign your soul to it's truth and destiny.  

Saying YES to your evolution is the first step toward self empowerment, growth and connection.

Individual Session $150~ This one hour session will give us time to explore blocks in your life, stagnant energies, how to enhance your path and a deeper essence of awareness.

3 Sessions Series $400~ Harmony recommends this 3 week committment for most people. This gives enough time to dive into past history and discover where your patterns began. It allows time to have one-on-one support with a 30 min phone call, once a week for these 3 weeks. This package will allow for breakthroughs leading you toward more happiness, joy and fulfillment.

10 Session Series $1250~ For this 10 week journey, the breakthroughs are going to be a radical shift in consciousness. We will explore childhood programs, religious programs and cultural programs that have been causing you pain and suffering. We will be working toward a radical shift in consciousness. Harmony will be giving “home work” to help quiet the mind and reconnect you to your creator.

Please call 1-630-780-0053 to schedule your session today. Do not wait another day to experience more love and joy in your life. Because if you experience more love and joy, you will have more energy, creativity, focus and direction. Why wait? Call now.


Bhakti Yoga

Kirtan is a form of meditation that involves singing & repetitively chanting a phrase with music. It is a place to let go of anything that no longer serves the greatest and highest good for yourself and for all beings. 

Harmony has been singing and studying Kirtan, Sanskrit, Indian Classical Raga for over 8 years.  She has a deep passion for this form of meditation and prayer.  Because of this deep inner connection Harmony carries, it can be felt on deep cellular levels.

Through the years of self exploration with Kirtan, Harmony has discovered different techniques which she uses in her Kirtan's such as breath, throat expansion techniques, different yogic techniques which allow the participants to experience their own inner powerful energetics.  

To book a Kirtan/ Bhakti Yoga session in your city, please contact Harmony @ 

Bhakti Yoga

The fastest way to attain Self Realization 

"Sing as though Nobody is Listening"

Gong Bath/ Sound Healing

Experience a Gong Bath/ Sound Healing with Harmony at her private residence/ sound temple.

Collage_Gong Healing.jpg

Harmony has been working & living between Bali, Indonesia and India a for 9 years where she studied with masters of sound and healing. She Currently lives in Naperville, Illinois where she offers her many gifts

You will be immersed with sound vibrations with a 32” Symphonic Gong, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Sansula, Shamanic Hand Drum, Guitar and Harmony’s angelic voice.

You will be invited to dive deep into your experience, connect to your breath and receive your healing through wound.

She will be offering a sacred and powerful sound healing in her private sound temple, surrounded with essences of her travels, candle light, Gong, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Sansula, Guitar and Mantra.

Please Call to reserve your spot at the next Gong Bath


Ananda Mandala

This powerful breathing meditation is designed to clean, purify and awaken the Kundalini energies

Ananda Mandala is a powerful breathing meditation that is done through the nose.  In this meditation we use the bellows breath which deeply purifies the body and helps to rebalance and restore your natural energies. 

Harmony offers powerful techniques to use in this meditation which allows the body to circulate more profound energies.

After the mediation is complete, Harmony offers Kirtan, shares stories of different Dieties, she will also share her experiences of transformation in India.