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Cacao Chakra Journey/ Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Unity Center in the Valley 3037 E Warm Springs Rd, Ste 300 Las Vegas, Nevada 89120 (map)

Cacao Chakra Journey

Mantra is a sacred medicine that has been used for centuries to access different portals of consciousness. When used in the most auspicious ways, Mantra can help us go into deep states of meditation and allow for transformation.  

I like to use the sacred medicine of Cacao, DoTerra Essential Oils (Plant based essential oil medicines) and the medicine of Mantra for this deeply transformational workshop.  

We will begin this journey using the sound vibration of OM~ The primordial sound of the universe and then working our way from the first chakra up until the crown chakra attaining a Divine state of bliss. Each chakra will be accompined with a Bali Chocolate and essential oils specifically for the chakra, Bali Chocolate shots and pure essential oils to open and activate each chakra. We will be chanting together a mantra for each chakra to allow for this sound vibration to penetrate a deeper level of activation. 

As we open our bodies and align our systems, the medicine of the cacao will also active a deep heart opening activation, leaving us in a state of love and bliss.  

I encourge you all to experience this activation for your mind, body and spirit. I have brought along some pure, raw Bali Cacao and Cacao Butter which is highly charged from the Island of the God's and Goddess's.  

I sincerely look forward spending this time with you all and sharing this loving medicine from Bali, Indonesia.  

$20 Energy Exchange