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Tempe, Arizona
7:30 PM19:30

Tempe, Arizona

Ananda Mandala and Live Music

With Harmony & Friends

Ananda Mandala is a 28 minute breathing meditation focused on awakening kundalini energy. This is an active rather than a contemplative meditation.

The gathering will open with Satsang, as Harmony will be sharing teachings for expansion into higher states of consciousness.  
Ananda Mandala is a powerful meditation facilitated while sitting in mandala formation, creating a vortex of energy, where you may experience other realms and dimensions.
This is heart flowering meditation, releasing negative energies, creating new and more powerful enlivened pranic energy.

When the meditation is complete, Harmony will be sharing sacred mantras, sound, and light language.

$15 general admittance
$10 for SOY YTT students

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