Thank you all for your generous, pure hearted, transparent testimonials.  Your heart, truth and love have been felt.


My Spiritual Coaching sessions with Harmony have made a big difference in how I feel about myself, and as a result improved how I interact with others. I'm especially grateful that the bond with my significant other has healed and strengthened from the insights and awareness I have gained about myself. These were internal programs formed since childhood, which Harmony helped me to uncover. Harmony then guided me through different exercises and meditations to rewrite these dysfunctional thought patterns with more loving and positive ones that serve me well. I am now mindfully living the life I've wanted to live.

Age 48

Steamwood, IL




Friends, I’ve never had an experience of getting my haircut as I’ve had with Harmony. The chosen name of @Sacred Haircuts is just that, Sacred. This isn’t just about getting a cut, it’s about getting an energetic shift & a clear, focused letting go of any areas of life that are stuck. Harmony holds a sacred space to bring an intentional purpose as the locks drop off. Not to mention the other surprises. Truly, this was a unique and uplifting experience.


Naperville Sacred Haircuts Studio


My time shared with Harmony reflects the powerful connection between beloved sisters. I was going through a challenging time when I randomly, or rather divinely, decided to go to a community concert where Harmony was featured. It was a healing and uplifting experience. I felt deeply within my gut a sense of what was shifting within me.

The following day we got to share more intimate time together at a local satsang. Again, during Harmony’s sacred songs I was moved by emotion releasing a significant amount of hurt that I was holding on to. While my time until this moment had been adoration from afar, Harmony and I were formally introduced. Our connection became even more clear. Harmony felt my heartache and so kindly offered her service without my asking. It was something a sister knew to do for another. Tears and tension were drained from body. I felt deep compassion and nurturing; her focus on clearing my heart chakra was something I had never felt before.

In those moments my life changed. Harmony left Las Vegas to return a month later. During her time away I reflected on my ambitions to be in a healthier space when she returned. She told me I would flourish and she was right. The times that Harmony held space for my release were transformative. I opened myself to a new sense of freedom and creativity. I was inspired to sing, express, and share more of my heart. Truly, I am able to take away the power in vulnerability. And the blessing of Harmony. Her business card sits upon my altar because it is a reminder of the balance and harmony that I choose to create in every part of my life.

Betty Lin

Harmony Polo's music induces a sense of connection with the Divine. She sings from the heart with devotion that moves and uplifts all. Her sacred cacao ceremony is a beautiful experience and a heart opener. She will take all to the highest state of bliss.

Las Vegas

Nicole Mott

To whom ever this is suppose to reach. I hope it inspires and heals you as my experience with Harmony has done for me.

I have a long history of pain in my life as I know most of us do. I don't know about you, but my past haunts me, keeps me trapped, has kept me stuck.

I come from a long line of mental illness and addiction. My Father whom I don't have a relationship with because of his drug use, he walks the streets of Las Vegas (Fremont street) homeless. I have tried with him countless times just to be robbed and manipulated by him. Which in turn has put me in excruciating pain, anger and down right hatred for him.

My mother sits in prison for the rest of her life due to her mental illness and alcohol use, she murdered my baby sister whom was 7 years old and attempted murder to my brother. Not to mention all the abuse she did to all of us kids our entire life. Being a mother myself has definitely left me in a lot of confusion and quest like "why wasn't I enough!?" For many years.

I just lost my sister Tiffany who was 29 just a short two years ago to a Heroine overdose. I too am an addict, I have been recovering for the past 11 1/2 years. I have struggled my whole life, my whole recovery! I have worked steps, therapy, found God, prayed, meditated, forgives, found new perspectives of why this was all part of my time here on earth this time around. Yes I was already in the work of my healing.

However, when I met Harmony at a meditation something shifted for me inside. Something that money could not buy! I found such a deep understanding of my pain and I made such peace with it, a peace I never, ever could know existed. I found a cultivated gratitude for all my experience. What I mean is I felt it through my whole body, I felt it wash over me like a beautiful warm water fountain, I literally saw the warm light of grace wash over my entire being. Since then I don't feel the hatred and resentment in my heart with any of my past. I truly believe that without my experience with her I would not be where I am at internally.

I feel a peace within that I can't even begin to express my gratitude for. For that I am forever grateful for crossing paths with such a beautiful being like Harmony. She is definitely one that will leave a lasting impression on most.

I believe if you are open and ready for this experience, then be ready for gigantic shifts and transformation in your life.


The Oneness Community in Las Vegas is alway blessed with unceasing Bliss, Healing & Awakening whenever the charming Harmony Halberg Polo, international healer and musician, arrives from Bali.

This Autumn, our impassioned hostess Joei Belovin, arranged a jam-packed variety of treats with Harmony Polo

Harmony inspired us with the awe of Ananda Mandala & Mantra Activation breathing meditation. She tapped into our tastebuds with a delectable Chakra, Mantra & Sacred Cacao Ceremony.We were offered healing at the Sunday Sacred Sound Healing with Amy Raven's amazing Crystal Bowl vibrations. Harmony led in a joyous celebratory Kirtan accompanied by percussionist George Henner and we were encouraged to join the healing Deeksha Circle, Dhyana & Chrystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath.

Harmony guided us in a teaching and chanting of the glorious Gayatri Mantra.

All this culminating with a wonder-full Ecstatic Kirtan collaboration by Harmony; Shivani Ugrin, musician and teacher from LV/India; warm and humble Joei Belovin; and the enchanting Matthew Conners on percussion.

Harmony's lead on this magnificent journey of healing and knowing is charged with the Energy of Light. It is a journey that should not be missed.