Sonic Sound Workshop

Bali, Indonesia 2018


Harmony's U.S. Tour.  September 1, 2017

Officially on my tour.  It feels so wonderful.  Deep gratitude to Chicago, Flowering Heart Center and the organizers.  Currently in Arizona, Ignite the Light has been so much fun to work with.  

So many openings and expansions.  Currently celebrating the release of worldwide distribution and the new CD download cards.  Bliss! 

Blessings of Your Grace/ Sat Siri Remix dance track

Wow! In India for the past 2months

After a life changing experience in Bali, where everything I felt was solid and grounded, got swept away by Divine Grace, Literally, life begins again

I share this here as a message to those who are in deep transformation in their lives.  When it get's too intense and you beg it to end, do know the process completes.  This does happen, so please do not loose faith.  Trust, Breathe, Allow, Let Go, Surrender, Feel, Embraced and remember you are loved.

Trust me, I was begging on my hands and knees.  And then, the internal process released with emotions and many tears and then I fell deeply into radical surrender and radical trust. There was nothing more.

After now being in India for this time, I submerge my body each day in Ganga Ma and pray for deep purification.  I pray for my purpose to shine and open up like the most beautiful lotus flower. 

So many deep realizations

As I dissolve into what I am experiencing, each day, I let go again and again as there is merely nothing to hold onto.  It is merely a dream.

As I strip back, layer by layer, all of the internal lies i've told myself for years, I sink deeper and deeper into a space of humility.



A Night Of Kirtan

At the OM temple of Ganga Ma

Gathering with tribe to sing and celebrate this life is what I love the most!  Singing is my passion and sharing this gift is the greatest gift I can give myself on all levels.  

It gives a feeling of community, family, soul tribe, connection, higher self and deep uncontrollable love.

Thank you Ganga Ma for hosting this amazing evening of prayer, devotion, singing, intention and LOVE!



Thank you Lisa Wright

Working with this angel, adorned by her designs, angel wings, love, friendship, fun, laughter and so much more.  

Friendship and sisterhood is truly important to me.  I honor and respect this gift of friendship!  I see every TRUE friendship as a sacred gift!

If anyone is interested to order some of these amazing designs, kindly send me a message to receive a discount code on your Warriors Of The Divine angel wing purchases.

Divine Mother Kirtan

Another powerful evening of diving deep into the Divine Mothers Heart and feeling her love  

Deeply honored to be supported by a amazing team of musicians, Richard Bock, Sebastein, Keith, Tim, Dion, Yesheila, Gun Gun, Eva


Past Articles

Enjoy some information from 2016... oh how life has changed... I actually don't even recognize this person anymore... wow.  But nice to read and be grateful for.. Thank you Oneness Living online magazine for featuring this article.