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With over 20+ years experience working with many A list celebrities, Harmony’s humble approach and unique offering is a haircutting upgrade that is more than just a “haircut” it IS a experience.



How does one transcend from Celebrity Stylist to Spiritual Warrior?

American born and raised, Harmony spent the past 10 years on a spiritual path living between the Holy Grail India and spiritual motherland of Bali.

Harmony’s career commenced in high-end salons, in one of the wealthiest zip codes in America, the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. Her upper echelon clientele included various high-fashion icons, celebrities, and magazines, such as W, Elle, Marie Clair, Vogue, to name a few. Due to demand, Harmony soon found herself bi-coastal working out of Salon Prive in Los Angeles and with the likes of superstar colorist Tracey Cunningham, Neil Weisburg, and more.


After 15 years, one would say Harmony hit a “career-high,” swiftly followed by an all-time personal low — a sudden onset, life-threatening illness requiring immediate hospitalization. This near-death experience drastically reshaped the course of her life as she knew it. When modern medicine failed her, Harmony desperately pursued a last-resort type deal with the “Divine Spirit” — subsequently, miraculously healing and shifting gears in pursuit of a spiritual, more meaningful life.

Harmony also trained under a shipibo shaman. Her spiritual education led to a well-rounded index of knowledge, having studied plant-based medicine, dieta, nervous system analytics, conscience empowerment, sound healing, and tantra.

Nearly a decade and two world tours later, Harmony has traveled the world extensively, working with international clients and offering healing “Mantras” along the way. She recorded and released a studio album along with a remix of Sat Siri. Currently, she is creating her next phase with a new album produced by Hans Christian due to release Fall 2019.

Even after fully “surrendering" herself and everything she knew for this new spiritually-guided path, Harmony never stopped loving her initial passion, haircutting and styling. Harmony’s life work culminated in creating and formulating Sacred Haircuts™.

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Sacred Haircut $125~ Precision edge meets beauty amidst this mind, body, and soul experience. Included is a personalized Sacred Haircut & newly style session.  Throughout this designated time, Harmony cultivates specific essential oils to mist your auric field, purifying, healing, and awakening to superior states of presence, as you reach the ultimate aspect of your higher self

Men’s cuts $50~ This ultimate experience is perfect for the “busy” man. The private Sacred Haircuts studio allows for time to relax and let go of the stressful life. You will not only be pampered with your precision haircut, you will also receive your eyebrows trimmed, ear hair removal & neck hair removal.

Children $50~ Creating a space for your children is more important than often realized. Throughout the years, Harmony has witnessed deep trauma with children and haircuts. In this space, she will create a safe environment that will be playful and fun.

Right of Passage/ Energy Clearing~ $150 This session is specifically designed to not only clear your energy field, you will also leave with a new sassy Sacred Haircut. Harmony will be using palo santos or sage for clearing along with essential oils to tune your energies. She will be using her shamanic drum, sound insturments and her angelic voice to anchor in new energies that you’ve set for your intention. Your upgrade begins here.

Ionic foot bath~ $50 Indulge your feet and pamper your body, mind and soul in this deeply relaxing detoxifying foot bath. Using low frequencies, the color of the water will guide us. While you soak your feet in this warm mineralized water, Harmony will be giving you a sound healing. She will use her crystal bowl, Tibetan Bowls, tuning forks, Sensula, Harmonium and her angelic voice. $75 for (70 min soak)


Bridal Hair~ Prices upon consultation

Sacred Styles~Prices upon consultation One of my specialities is creating styles for big events. This is where you get to kick back and enjoy the process of getting ready as you leave feeling ready and beautifully styled for your big event.

Individual private guidance/ coaching sessions are a one hour/ online session that is specifically tailored to your path of self discovery. Whether you would like to focus on business, life or relationships, all paths and explorations are welcome.

  • Package 1: Individual private guidance/ coaching sessions 5 pack $650

  • Package2: individual private guidance/ coaching sessions 10 pack $1250

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Ionic Foot or Hand Bath

Detoxing and Purifying


The feet are the primary center of our whole body. Ionic baths are not only detoxifying, they also help relax the nervous system.

This gentle and deeply nourishing foot bath is ideal for all ages. It is not recommended for pregnant women or women breast feeding.

While you are enjoying your hot mineral bath, you will receive sound healing with crystal bowls, tuning forks, sensula, harmonium, mantra and voice. One may also experience a shamanic drum clearing.

Enjoy a hot mineral bath for the feet for 35 minutes or 70 min.

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Right Of Passage/ energy clearing

A haircutting ritual to let go of the old and welcome in the new

There are times in our lives that are more significant than others. It may be maturing into a teenager, a young woman’s first moon cycle, child birth, becoming a mother, a break-up, leaving a unhealthy job or even buying a new home.

These moments are significant times that we tend to always remember. Whether it’s the pain of letting go, grieving the loss of a loved one or a celebration of life and newness.

In this right of passage Sacred Haircut, we will clarify your intention and work toward clarity of vision. Harmony will be using her shamanic drum, sage, palo santos, essential oils, crystal bowls, tuning forks and other sounds that will create the clearing and opening. She will also grace you with her angelic voice with sacred sounds.


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