Sacred Haircuts


Transformational Upgrades Through Beauty

with Harmony


Transforming Through Beauty

Hair holds  energy, emotion, trauma, thoughts and history.  Transforming this energy, under the guidance of Harmony's healing energy, one can liberate the energies into new beginnings.  Letting go of anything that no longer serves the greatest and highest good for yourself and all beings.

By setting powerful intentions, your haircut will be working on multiple levels to heal and transform any negative feelings, emotions and transmute them into positive new beginnings. 

With over 20+ years of experience working with the elite between LA/ NYC and global destinations.  Her training began on 62nd and Madison in NYC.  She began her high fashion path with Prive Salon beginning her bi-costal career for many years until her life took a turn with a life threatening health condition which uprooted her life to SE Asia to find herself, the path of Self-Realization began. 


For the past 10 years, Harmony has lived in SE Asia, moving between Bali, Indonesia and India.  She has studied with great masters and enlightened beings and also studied of Shamanic practices and plant medicines.  She has mastered her gifts of healing and is offering her time and energy to serve you today.

"You can only meet someone as deeply as you've met yourself" Harmony says, she is ready to meet you.

Dropping into areas of life that are ready to upgrade and transmit more light is a deep level of empowerment.  

Sacred Healing Haircuts are transformation through beauty.

Package Package 1:

Precision edge meets beauty amidst this one-hour mind, body, and soul experience. Included is a personalized Sacred Haircut and guaranteed newly awakened style session.  Throughout this designated time, Harmony cultivates specific essential oils to mist your auric field, purifying, healing, and awakening to superior states of presence, as you reach the ultimate aspect of your higher self. Starting cost $175 USD.

Package 2


This upgraded package is suggested for those who are ready to dive deeper into transformation, healing, and transcending what no longer serves you. Respective clients are greeted with a personalized welcome. The session commences with meditation designed by Harmony while setting an individual intention. Sharing said intention opens the flow of energy, allowing deep healing and transformation. Harmony uses her unique abilities and talents to align chakras, eliciting various reactions from feeling energy flowing into your body, tingling sensations, or simple stillness. You will also indulge your feet in a 30 min ionic foot bath and leave with your custom essential oil roller ball which will help anchor in the newly transformed energies. Open-minded individuals ready to receive will reap full benefits of these gifts. 90+ minutes starting $250+ USD.

Package 3:

Private full-day retreat with Harmony. The day of healing commences with tea for two, whilst discussing a customizable healing session and q&a with Harmony, solely focusing on the client securing desired clarity. Teatime is subsequently followed by an essential oils reading and Harmony’s creation of a personalized healing blend take-home gift, thus continually used as a future daily practice anchor. The personalized custom blend is imperative in your Sacred Crown Chakra 30-minute activation. Accompanying an ample Sacred Hair Bath, Sacred Haircut, and Awakened Style, Ionic Foot Bath and we review various human navigation tools. Harmony seamlessly combines ancient and modern practices applied to this limited-offer experience. Ending the profound day of healing, you are cordially invited to a complimentary dinner at a mutually agreed upon restaurant, conversing deeper aspects of truth and self-love. 

This One-Day Private retreat includes minimally eight hours of Harmony’s undivided attention. $1250+ USD.


Refer a friend and receive a $25 credit toward your next service of choice

By referring your friends, you will benefit greatly. This is a great way to reduce the price and pamper yourself. Each person that is referred to me through you will be added toward your credit. No maximum number. Share and Save $$$. Be sure your trusted friends, mention your name.



Women’s cuts $175

Men’s cuts $75

Children $50

Ionic foot bath $50 (35 min soak) $75 for (70 min soak)

To book your Sacred Healing Haircut today

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Ionic Foot Bath

Detoxifying Foot Bath


The feet are the primary center of our whole body. Ionic baths are not only detoxifying, they also help relax the nervous system.

This gentle and deeply nourishing foot bath is ideal in the colder months of the mid-west. It helps to warm your body and organs to help them function more effectively.

Enjoy a hot mineral bath for the feet for 35 minutes. $50 per soak.

Introductory rate: By referring one client you will receive a FREE ionic foot bath at your next Sacred Haircut appointment. Make sure to tell your friend to mention you sent them.

Call 1-630-780-0053 to book your appointment today in the NEW Naperville, Il Sacred Hair Studio.