Blessings Of Your Grace/ Sat Siri Dance Remix 

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Bhakti Yoga/ Kirtan

is a direct access to LOVE

experiencing pure love and joy

Singing is a universal language.  People from all over the world can sit in the space of Kirtan and once the singing has begun, the prayers and intentions are set, the sacred Divine portal of Love opens.  

People from all different walks of life, now are able to communicate through the center of their own heart, in truth and love. Where once, there may have been separation, now a field of oneness has been created.  

When this is experienced, the realization that the universe is love, is ever present.  This shows that love is universal.  It cannot be controlled.  It cannot be possessed. It does not belong to a country, religion, path.  It is creation.


Full Moon Kirtan Bali, Indonesia

Music has been scientifically been proven to reduce stress, release oxytocin, helps with self confidence, increases the bodies vital life force, heal the body of dis-ease, ease the mind, open the heart, connect the heart to the Divine nature, exercises the lungs, helps sleeping, and strengthens the immune system.


There could be many different nationalities sitting in one room and once the song/ Mantra has begun, one forgets about the language barrier and becomes a unified field of oneness.  Love imminates through the heart, sound fills the body, mind and soul and we become beacons of light.  

This is where transformation occurs, healing happens, love flowers the heart and we raise our frequencies into higher states of consciousness.


Moola Mantra:

Om Sat-Chit-Ananda Parabrahma
Purushothama Paramatma
Sri Bhagavathi Sametha
Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

Om Shanti Om
Shanti Om
Shanti Om

released October 2, 2015
Harmony Vocals
Patricio Zuñiga Labarca Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Keyboards, arrangement, mix by Maneesh de Moor
Produced & composed by Maneesh de Moor

Spiritual Warrior:

We are the Warriors, Spiritual Warriors
Here to Transform Through This Time
We are the Warriors, Spiritual Warriors
Here to Birth This New Paradigm
New Paradigm


OM Namah Shivaya
Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambo
Mahadeva Shambo

Released December 13, 2015 

Written by Harmony and Katana

Harmony Vocals & Composition 

Augstian Supriatna Bamboo Flute
Reggae guitar by Super Delux
All grooves, sonics, production and arrangement by Maneesh de Moor



Twameva maataa cha pitaa
Twameva bandhush cha sakhaa
Twameva vidyaa dravinam twameva, 
Twameva sarvam mama deva deva.

released October 2, 2015
Harmony Vocals & composition
Patricio Zuñiga Labarca Ukulele
John Dumas Native American Flute, Drum, Didgeridoo
Produced and arranged by Maneesh de Moor


Humble yourself in the sight of your Mother
You gotta bend down low and
Humble yourself in the sight of your Mother
You gotta know what she knows and
we shall lift each other up
Higher and Higher
We shall life each other up

Father, Sisters, Brothers, Children, Elders

released October 2, 2015
"Humble" (traditional) 
Harmony Vocals
Maneesh de Moor Keys, Guitar
Produced by Maneesh de Moor


Sat Siri/ Blessings Of Your Grace

Sat Siri Siri Akal, Siri Akal Maha Akal, Maha Akal
Sat Nam, Akal Moorat, Waheguru

Sat siree siree akaal, siree akaal mahaa akaal, 
Mahaa akaal, sat naam, akaal moorat, wahay guroo

released October 2, 2015
"Sat Siri"- Composed by Harmony & Maneesh de Moor
Harmony on vocals
Patricio Zuñiga Labarca on Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Keyboards, arrangement, mix by Maneesh de Moor
Produced by Maneesh de Moor


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