Harmony Halberg Polo

Harmony was born and raised in the humble mid-west of the U.S. For the past years, Harmony has had many “lives.”

She lived a big and fast life between NYC and LA as a celebrity hairstylist before life took her on another path, the path of transformation.

At the age of 33 at her career high, she hit her spiritual low. She had no choice but to listen to her inner calling to “find herself” and this meant she was to liquidate her life in L.A. and devote her life to self discovery.

She moved to Bali, Indonesia where her deep spiritual journey began. She began to study with masters of spirituality and healing modalities. It was a long and arduous road, not for the faint hearted. This path also lead her to study in India with Sri Amma Bhagavan at the Oneness University, enlightened monks, Gurus and other masterful teachers.

During this period of 10 years, she discovered her voice. Her passion of Kirtan, Mantra singing, Bhakti Yoga started to unfold and this is where her voice flowered. She also discovered her path with Kundalini Yoga and has been a avid practitioner for 10 years.

After 10 years on this challenging path, she has now returned to live in the U.S. where she resides with the love of her life in Naperville, IL. She has merged all of her lives and has a dynamic list of services she offers including Sacred Haircuts, spiritual coaching sessions, Kirtan, transformational workshops, Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Ceremonies.

Her passion is to help humanity transform and find inner peace. It certainly is not a “easy” road but a very abundant road. Liberation opens the doors to a whole new reality and in this reality is where you find causeless joy.

Harmony says, “The level in which you commit is the level in which you are ready to receive.”

Life is short, take your inspiration and create action. This is the first and last step.

With love,