a person who shows or has shown great vigor or courage; brave

How does one transcend from Celebrity Stylist to Spiritual Warrior?

American born and raised, Harmony spent the past 10 years on a spiritual path living between the Holy Grail India and spiritual motherland of Bali.

Harmony’s career commenced in high-end salons, in one of the wealthiest zip codes in America, the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. Her upper echelon clientele included various high-fashion icons, celebrities, and magazines, such as W, Elle, Marie Clair, Vogue, to name a few. Due to demand, Harmony soon found herself bi-coastal working out of Salon Prive in Los Angeles and with the likes of superstar colorist Tracey Cunningham, Neil Weisburg, and more.

After 15 years, one would say Harmony hit a “career-high,” swiftly followed by an all-time personal low — a sudden onset, life-threatening illness requiring immediate hospitalization. This near-death experience drastically reshaped the course of her life as she knew it. When modern medicine failed her, Harmony desperately pursued a last-resort type deal with the “Divine Spirit” — subsequently, miraculously healing and shifting gears in pursuit of a spiritual, more meaningful life.

Harmony also trained under a shipibo shaman. Her spiritual education led to a well-rounded index of knowledge, having studied plant-based medicine, dieta, nervous system analytics, conscience empowerment, sound healing, and tantra.

Nearly a decade and two world tours later, Harmony has traveled the world extensively, working with international clients and offering healing “Mantras” along the way. She recorded and released a studio album along with a remix of Sat Siri. Currently, she is creating her next phase of newly developed Mantra, rooted in Indian Classical music.

Even after fully “surrendering" herself and everything she knew for this new spiritually-guided path, Harmony never stopped loving her initial passion, haircutting and styling. Harmony’s life work culminated in creating and formulating Sacred Healing Haircuts™.

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